If there is an insurance claim, who is responsible for payment to the repair shop?2016-01-08T08:20:49-06:00

Your auto insurance policy states that your insurance company will pay for the damages to your vehicle, less the deductible amount. You may instruct your insurance company to pay directly to the car collision repair shop of your choice, however, full payment must be arranged prior to your vehicle being picked up.  In other words, you are ultimately responsible for payment.

Who is responsible for the guarantee of workmanship and safety of my automobile repairs – the insurance company or the repair shop?2016-01-08T08:19:08-06:00

Your insurance company is not accepting the liability for the quality and safety of your vehicle’s repair. Therefore, you alone must control the fate of your vehicle’s repair by choosing a proper collision repair facility that is adequately trained and equipped to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. You have the legal right and authority to do so.

Do I have to take my vehicle to an insurance company drive-in claims facility for an estimate?2016-01-08T08:13:00-06:00

Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims centers before having your car repaired. You can do this or you may leave your car at the shop of your choice and have the insurance company inspect the car there. If you have already gone to a drive-in claims facility, make sure you take a copy of the insurance adjuster’s estimate with you when choosing a collision facility to repair your vehicle.

What do I do if I am having trouble getting my claim handled correctly?2016-01-07T18:47:49-06:00

When the great state of Texas required you to carry liability insurance on your vehicle, you were given certain legal rights called the “Motorist Bill of Rights.”  For example:

  • You have the right to choose the collision repair facility where your vehicle gets repaired. You do not have to take your car to the shop with the cheapest estimate or one picked by the insurance company.
  • You do not have to get three written estimates. If requested, you may supply one estimate from the shop where you intend to have the repair work done.

If the repair shop of your choice and the insurance company fail to reach an agreed price, you have the right to ask for a third opinion or for arbitration. If you are not satisfied with the way your claim is being handled, contact your insurance agent. If you do not get reasonable results from your agent, then contact the State Department of Insurance listed below:

Texas Department of Insurance
Consumer Protection (111-1A)
P.O. Box 149091
Austin, Texas 78714-9091
512-463-6515 ** 800-252-3439

If your estimate is higher than other shops, will I have to pay more than my deductible?2016-01-07T18:43:01-06:00

No. You are only responsible for your deductible. We are able to receive reasonable payment for collision repairs from the insurance company and are not forced to collect anything extra from customers on insurance claims.

What if my Bulldog Bodywerks estimate is higher than another estimate I have received?2016-01-07T18:41:32-06:00

Shops today use standard computerized estimating guides for car estimates, so a properly documented preliminary estimate should reflect an honest cost. Our prices reflect the real costs and labor associated without fluff.  The reasons for differences between estimates are as various as the issues themselves. Be sure to ask us why there are differences. We know you will see why Bulldog Bodywerks is a collision center where you can place your trust.

Is Bulldog Bodywerks on my insurance company’s “preferred” list?2016-01-07T18:32:34-06:00

We limit our participation in most direct repair programs. Our experience has been that we have more success with negotiating full factory recommended repairs with insurers if they are not able to limit costs and procedures because of a contract with them to do so. Our goal is not to impress insurers by reducing their claims payouts. The integrity of the shop is a primary concern.

Do you provide a written guarantee?2016-01-07T17:28:49-06:00

Absolutely.  We stand by every repair and back it up in writing.

Do I have to take my vehicle to the shop my insurance company recommends?2016-01-07T17:25:50-06:00

Absolutely not – it is your choice.  By state law, insurance companies cannot require consumers to utilize the shop or parts they recommend.  You can bring your claim number, adjuster’s name and other pertinent information to our shop and we’ll handle it for you.

Do I need an appointment?2016-01-07T17:19:46-06:00

No, an appointment is not necessary.  It can help you avoid a wait so feel free to contact us to schedule your appointment:  (512) 756-1913.